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May 24, 2020

Incase you missed this incredible live, Ronne and Claire Summers dropped gems about all things women, online business, and personal branding during this quarantine. 

In this pandemic, we have to understand the power of our thoughts. We have to understand and know that we have a choice, what we consume becomes our reality. Be careful what you listen to. Even if you are focusing on motivational content you can become obsessed with motivation and become attracted to actual self help but never take action without a coach or mentor that provides true strategy. 

Ronne talks about live content and collaborating with people who are equally influential as you are the two best things you can do to activate your brand during this quarantine. Use this time to connect and build a relationship with your audience. 

People talk about success but no one really talks about the battle. 

We have 3 pivotal seasons in our lives: 

  • Being down and broke. Showing people that you can do it.
  • Wanting to make a million dollars.
  • When you make the money that’s when you think of what’s the next step is going to be. That’s when you will be focusing on giving money.

There’s a moment in your life where you don’t know your value. You get to a space where you believe that whatever you have at the moment is all that there is for you, but there’s more out there for you. They stress for women to not letting anyone have a hold on your income and be willing to do it alone if that is what the mission requires.

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