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Sep 12, 2021

One of the biggest dangers of entrepreneurship that you could fall prey to is simply getting too comfortable. So, what can you do to make sure you keep stepping out of your comfort zone? 

In this episode, Founder and CEO of Snatched and Savvy Rayshawna Fraser brings us along her entrepreneurial journey and the many ways she has had to push herself past her own comfort zone. Whether is taking in criticism or owning your vision, Ronne and Rayshawna explore every way for you to push your limits and unleash your true potential as an entrepreneur. 

So, join in on the conversation and unlock the keys to Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone. 



  • Why women aren’t stepping outside of their comfort zones 
  • The key to being open to constructive criticism 
  • How to prevent mediocrity and burnout in your business 
  • Why you aren’t reaching the peak of your success 
  • How to overcome your seasons of being tested 
  • Are you tapped out of your creative space? 
  • The power of ownership over your vision and business


“Every time I hired myself instead of hiring other people, everything showed up like a shortcut."

“The easiest way for you to go to the next level as an entrepreneur is sacrifice.”

“The only thing that you have to prove to yourself is that you can be better than you were the day before.”



Rayshawna Fraser

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