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Dec 24, 2021

Obstacles are inevitable in your entrepreneurial journey, but what if there’s no obstacle? What if you’re just… Stuck? 


Tune in and pay special attention to this one, because Ronne spends this episode breaking the illusion of feeling stuck in your business and showing you how to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


So, are you really stuck? Or are you just comfortable? Join in on this episode and steer out of your zone of comfort and into your zone of genius with Ronne today. 



- How being stuck is a choice 

- Steps to gain more brand visibility 

- Reasons you’re feeling stuck 

- The power of reinventing yourself 

- Make some money before you go all out 

- How to get out of your busy schedule 

- Can you monetize your shortcomings? 

- Who are you keeping connected to? 

- Don’t allow your happiness to be rooted in others



“I don't think that a lot of you are stuck. If I could give my true, honest opinion, I believe that a lot of you are content.”

“You can sell the problem, and you could sell the solution.”

“Sometimes when you start, you have to just start small.”



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