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Jul 5, 2020

"Look at your competition and separate yourself. Do something different."

Are you willing to earn your leisure? The journey to money vs wealth is different and requires a level of education most aren't willing to explore. But the guys from the Earn Your Leisure Podcast were on a mission. Rashad and Troy, the host of Earn Your Leisure Podcast set out on a mission to educate communities and families on how companies and founders build true wealth. They set out to bring the money plays behind sports, entertainment, and business to the world so that everyone had access.

From teaming up to make this mission come true, to one half of them still working a full time job as an educator, their journey is a must hear. These guys admit to learning almost everything along the way, failing forward, and leading with their passion at the forefront. 

Check out more about the chart topping podcast, Earn Your Leisure here: