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Sep 24, 2021

Ever said you were going to do something but you never actually did it? 


The hard truth is that no one can hold yourself accountable other than yourself. So are you willing to push past your excuses and start taking action? Are you ready to get into the rooms that will hold you accountable and bring you to the next level? 


Join in on this uncut conversation with Ronne as she wraps up her time at the Earn Your Leisure InvestFest conference, and learn how to overcome your seasons of procrastination. 


Ronne also drops some gems on networking with the right people, how to build generational wealth for your family, and so much more. 


It’s time to Hold Yourself Accountable and Start Taking Action with Ronne today! 



  • The importance of holding yourself accountable 
  • Pay attention to the people in your circle
  • Why you should network at the level you’re at 
  • Are you willing to be in the audience? 
  • Continuing your legacy with your children 



“If you are not around people who are going after something or attempting to accomplish something, you're not going to be as motivated.” 

“You never know who's going to pop off. So treat everybody accordingly.”

“It's easy when you are on the stage. But can you still celebrate when it's your time to sit in the audience, and you're watching your friend on stage, and you ain't there yet? That's gonna be the true test of time.”

“Get your kids in the room. We out here working real hard but do our children have the mindset that they need to have to go to the next level?”



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