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Jul 16, 2021

What if you knew that the biggest thing that is stopping you from achieving your business dreams, is yourself? What would you do differently then? 

In this episode, Ronne Brown invites fellow entrepreneur and owner of the Live In Fashion boutique, Michelle Akers, to share the biggest roadblocks in her business journey and how she overcame them. Learn all about the importance of getting comfortable with showing up as yourself, building a strong community of women around you, and holding yourself accountable when scaling your business. 

It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and build that thriving business that you were meant to have! Join in on the conversation to find out how to do just that. 



  • The biggest issue faced when growing a business. 
  • What’s stopping you from scaling your brand?  
  • The power of showing your true self online. 
  • How to be accountable and show up for your business. 
  • Why you need to invest in yourself. 
  • Finding support and sisterhood in the Girl CEO community. 



 “I don't need everyone to understand what I'm doing because everyone's not your customer, and that is okay.”



Michelle Akers

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Live in Fashion by Michelle Akers 

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