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Jul 4, 2020

Ronne sits down with Jamila T Davis, best selling author, motivational speaker, and tv personality who was a millionaire at 25 when she was sentenced to 12 years in prison. She spent almost a decade in prison where she was faced with some of her toughest battles.

In this vulnerable episode, Jamila opens up about how worshipping money and material things  at a young age and chasing fake self-esteem led her to a prison sentence. Her time in prison was a fight between wanting to end her life some days and knowing this was a sign to become a better person. Jamila spent her prison sentence becoming an author of over a dozen books, starting a publishing company, earning several degrees, and using her time to inspire other people with her story.

This woman is a true testimony to the fact that you will sometimes endure excruciating pain and find the best versions of yourself on the other side. Jamila begs Girl CEO's to understand you are not your circumstance and you are not your mistakes, at any moment you can make a powerful choice to use your story to inspire others.