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Mar 29, 2021

In this episode, we invite the Founder of Afro Tech and Blavity Inc, Morgan Debaun, to bring us on her entrepreneurial journey and show us how she transformed her companies into the major successes that they are today. Morgan and Ronne also chat about her highest highs and lowest lows as an entrepreneur, as well as the biggest lessons and takeaways that she learned from building her businesses. Join in on their conversation and uncover some invaluable insights that you can apply to your own entrepreneurial journey! 



  • The story behind Blavity Inc.’s growth and success.  
  • The key to finding sponsorship deals.
  • How to push through the hard days.
  • Balancing work and personal life.
  • Who should you be starting your business with?
  • How to build your A-team.
  • The importance and power of pivoting.
  • Learning to overcome and embrace rejection.
  • What’s next for Blavity Inc. and Afro Tech?
  • What is the next big thing? 



“I didn't want to worry about money and trying to make money because once you start to make money, then you start to cater to it. And it can be intoxicating.”

“A lot of people say, “I want to be an entrepreneur,” and I'm like, okay, cool, but what problem are you solving? Who are you passionate about serving? Because entrepreneurship as a career title is not glamorous, it’s an incredibly difficult journey.”



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