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Oct 16, 2022

There’s been a change in the way we do business today, and so many entrepreneurs with companies making day-to-day sales are realizing they need to do something different. And that change is personal branding.


Tune in as Ronne welcomes Tracie Collins, a successful CEO of a seven-figure company who now finds herself struggling to build and monetize her personal brand. Listen in as they discuss the importance of personal branding, how it’s never too late to start, and why showing up as yourself is enough! 



- Why you NEED to focus on your personal brand

- Who is Tracie Collins, and what does she do?

- EVERYTHING is content!

- “You are creating content, but do you own it?”

- Showing up as yourself is enough!



“Things grow on my business page so easily, but baby, the personal stuff…it’s a whole different ballgame.”

“Showing up authentically is difficult, but people actually do want to see that. They want to see the relatability. They want to see who are you behind the scenes.”



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