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Sep 18, 2022

Your girl Ronne is tired of the “get rich quick” schemes, misleading collaboration photos, and coaches who tell their clients only what they want to hear. So in this episode, she lays down the truth all aspiring entrepreneurs need to know…Success requires WORK! 


Tune in as Ronne urges you to get up and become unstoppable. Because success is not copy and paste but created from consistency, discipline, and what you choose to do every single day. So stop focusing on the why and start pushing past your norms to unlock a new level of discipline and the highest version of yourself and your business.



- Why discipline is the KEY to success

- When you are not motivated, stay consistent! 

- Are you confident in promoting what you do?

- “Successful people hang around successful people”

- Is your pride and ego holding you back?



“You're gonna experience success once you develop that level of discipline that you need to be great.”

“When I think back through my life over the last 10 to 12 years, you know what I realized? I realized that discipline got me further than my talent.”



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