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Feb 24, 2020

Today Ronne is joined by Malcolm "MJ" Harris, Founder of NationalCare, and the person helping people live limitlessly in life and business. Malcolm built his business starting out as a government contractor selling insurance when he decided one day that his 9-5 was great but It wasn't fulfilling.

Using his personal brand presence on youtube, he simultaneously built his business alongside his youtube channel, driving attention to both. In this episode, Ronne and Malcolm discuss how while years ago you could hide behind a logo or brand, you no longer can. The unique value of your business is no longer being first, its coming from behind the brand and having an emotional connection with your customers. The unique value is YOU!

While most people worry about what others might think or are in fear of sharing themselves online, Malcolm helps us understand in this episode that it is NOT for them. It is for the 1% of people that need you. 1% of the world is 70 million people and that is more than enough to have a booming business!

Do NOT miss this episode with these two thought leaders uncovering the power of being yourself online.

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