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Apr 10, 2022

Success as an entrepreneur does not come easy, but it does come with a whole lot of lessons and wisdom - and your host Ronne is about to share them all with you.


In this episode, Ronne reveals everything from her most humble beginnings, to elevating your circle, to creating a lasting legacy. From branding tips to life advice, Ronne dishes out all the things she wish she’d known sooner when it comes to life and #entrepreneurship. 


So if you’re just beginning or well in on your journey as an entrepreneur, tune in to this episode and you’ll be sure to walk away with gems like no other. 



- Demanding respect as a Black businesswoman

- Should you be quitting your job? 

- Overcoming your fear of failure 

- CEO Society or Brand Rehab, which one’s for you?

- The evolution of social media in business 

- 3 main tests for women to pass to be your friend 

- Parenting as an entrepreneur 



“One of the most valuable things that I learned was how to stay the hell down until I actually came up.” 

“Don’t focus on the losses, focus on the lesson.” 

“Being on social media has taught me who my people are. It has also taught me who my people aren't.”

“When you love people, the best thing that you can do for them is to allow them to do the work.”



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