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May 22, 2022

Your Girl CEO is here to share those moments when she is just “over it.” The hard days, the failures, the part of the journey when sh*t just doesn’t work. The things many of us don’t talk about but need to hear.


Committed to uncovering the truth of running a business, tune in as Ronne reminds you that you can’t save the world. And that’s okay! Embrace the journey and go through it. The higher you go, the more things that will come at you. But it’s time to tap into your authenticity, let your hair down, and create from your unique zone of genius!



- You cannot save everyone and do everything!

- Why you need to put boundaries in place

- “You gotta let some people swim” 

- The hard days are part of the journey

- Be prepared for adversity! 

- Operate in your genius - do what you authentically enjoy!



“You will have days where you will be like, I don't want to do this anymore. When you are going through those shitty, rough, hard times, I want you to know that it's all a part of it. It's all a part of the story.”

“I want to teach women how to make money and build authentic brands, but not at the expense of their love lives, their personal freedom, their families, their fitness, and their mental health.” 

​​”When we create brands around things that we genuinely love to do and that we do effortlessly, versus looking at what's trending in the market, that's when we truly win.”



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