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Nov 6, 2021


Meet Amanda Stapleton, real estate mogul who paved her way to thriving in a male-dominated industry despite the cards being stacked against her right from the very start. 

In this episode, we invite her to bring us on her 9-year long journey in real estate and the many trails, tribulations, and lessons gained from it. As you listen to her story, you will quickly realize how you don’t have to be a product of your environment when it comes to creating success in your life.

So, join in on the conversation and uncover some tools, tips, and golden nuggets of wisdom with Ronne and Amanda today.



  • Amanda’s real estate journey 
  • The key to overcoming your environment
  • Busting myths about real estate investing 
  • 3 things Amanda wished she knew about real estate
  • Ways to improve your credit
  • What to do before investing in real estate



“We got to stop getting advice from people that have not been where we want to go.” 08:51 



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