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Sep 3, 2021

In this episode, we invite Founder and CEO of clothing brand Mess In A Bottle, Kalilah Wright, to bring us on her journey of building a brand up from the ground up and thriving as a Black business owner. 

As Ronne and Kalilah chat about her business journey, you will uncover the power of branding and learn how to position for limitless growth and evolution. Ronne and Kalilah also talk about embracing your full self as a business owner, taking risks, and how to transform your business brand.

Stick to the end as Ronne and Kalilah drop some invaluable business gems that you definitely do not want to miss! 



  • Building a brand in the midst of chaos 
  • When is it time to leave your 9-5?
  • How to scale your business and grow your brand
  • The secret to getting attention from big brands
  • The importance of staying true to you 
  • Biggest hurdles and challenges faced 
  • Finding love as a successful business owner 
  • Best business advice from Kalilah Wright 



“If there's one thing that no one can do or be, is you. No one can do you the way you do you.”

“You determine how long you want to stay down. You determine if you want to get back up again.”



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