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Oct 22, 2021

In this episode, Ronne brings on some of her students from her Brand Rehab program to share the biggest trials and triumphs from their experience.


As you listen in to their conversation, you will uncover the keys to making more money in your business (hint: it all starts with you!) So are you ready for Ronne and her students to drop some knowledge on making bank with your business? Tune in to find out now! 


*Make sure to stick to the end for another Q&A session with Ronne herself! 



  • Biggest struggles of being a service provider 
  • Building confidence as a business owner 
  • Expectations and reality of the Brand Rehab Program 
  • Creating the right systems and teams for your business 
  • Advice for upcoming and aspiring entrepreneurs 
  • Q&A session with Ronne 
  • The importance of being coachable 



“You need a voice outside of yourself to A - encourage you and B - keep it real with you.”

“When you show up as who you are, you are going to stand out in a world full of duplicates.”



Alicia McKay

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