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Oct 2, 2022

In this real, raw, and uncut conversation, Ronne shares a message that she just has to get out: to be successful, you must continue to reinvent yourself over and over and over again! 


Many of us are in a space where we need to pivot, but fear is holding us back from what God truly has for us. But your spirit knows what you need to be doing! So start doing it! Because the only thing blocking you from the life you desire is…yourself! 


Tune in, and learn more about why Ronne’s word of the day, and for the last 90 days of the year, is PIVOT! 



- Time waits for no one!

- The most valuable thing Ronne has learned in business

- Understanding the power of pivoting 

- What do you need to unlock your next level?

- Stop playing small and start taking authentic action!



“Not only is time flying, but time is not waiting for you.”

“What I had to realize was what got me to my six figures is not going to be the same thing that gets me to my seven figures. What got you to ‘I'm good’ is not gonna get you to ‘I'm happy.’”

“Many of you are uncomfortable with what you're doing because you're not doing it your way. You can take a little bit from everywhere, but you always got to keep your flavor on it.”



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