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Sep 4, 2022

It’s the first day of school, and as Ronne drops off her daughter, she reflects on just how powerful it is for your children to see you walk in purpose every single day. But so many of us are not operating in our greatness. We don’t believe it is possible or have put ourselves on the back burner for far too long. 


So your girl is here to tell you: it’s never too late to bet on yourself! 


Helping people unapologetically live out loud, Ronne guides you to walk in your full potential, and reveals why entrepreneurship is less about money and all about mindset!



- Why you need to bet on yourself!

- Stop claiming generational curses!

- Ask yourself: How are you going to win today?

- Are you an enabler? Start choosing yourself!

- What happens when you operate in your purpose 

- Believe everything is possible for you!



“Sometimes you have to walk away from six figures a month to get to seven figures.”

“You can truly have anything that you want to have. And it starts with you believing that you can have it. It starts with you claiming that you will have it. And then it starts with you doing the actual work to obtain it.”



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