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Nov 28, 2022

In the world of fast-paced hustle culture, when do we truly have the time to slow things down? Well, spoiler alert: there won't be time unless you MAKE the time. 


In this episode, Ronne brings you along her transition into this new phase in life she calls, The Soft Life. From limiting intimate access that people have to you, to learning how to say no and therefore empowering your "yes", tune in as Ronne shares the changes she has been making to live the Soft Life, and why there is power in softness when you align it with your inner knowing. 


So join Ronne as she shows you how to return to yourself by switching off your "Go" mode and focusing on your inner peace and happiness instead. 



- What does the Soft Life mean?

- Dealing with business guilt 

- Reassessing people who have intimate access to you 

- Things to do to start living the Soft Life

- The consequences of not knowing your worth



"You don't really realize how you move until you take a step back."

"You don't have to worry about anyone else's intentions. Everyone's intentions will be exposed."



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