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Jun 19, 2022

In this episode, your Girl CEO tells you why it’s all in your head!


From the comparison game to imposter syndrome to our subconscious telling us to quit, we often hold ourselves back from that big launch or goal because of lies we tell ourselves. But why are we blocking our own growth, and how can we get out of our own head and win the war against our mind? 


Tune in as Ronne challenges you to get your confidence up and guides you to believe in your gift through learning to serve, promoting yourself, and the ever-important proximity check! Don't miss this electric episode, and start tearing down the blocks to your next level today!



- If you are solving a problem, your business cannot fail!

- Why we need to learn to serve before we learn to lead

- Identifying what you’re good at and what you don’t want to do

- Consistency, consistency, consistency!

- It’s all in your head - subconscious mind warfare

- Surround yourself with people who don’t allow you to play small!



“It's the warfare that's happening in your mind - 90% of the problems that you start, 90% of the adversity that you face, 90% of all of the stuff that you go through is in your mind.”

“Until you get your confidence right, until you truly start believing in yourself, until you stop doubting yourself, until you stop comparing yourself to other people, you are never going to go to that next level.”



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